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2016 Fun at Bat Applications (Ages 5-7)

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2016 RBI Applications (Ages 8-18)

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2016 RBI World Series Schedule (Softball)

SB Schedule

SB Schedule 2

2016 Senior RBI World Series Champs: Arizona RBI

2016 Junior RBI World Series Champs: Chicago White Sox RBI

Day 2 Scores and Stats (8/6/16)

Baltimore RBI  2-6  Dominican Republic North RBI

Notable performances: J. Johnson(Baltimore) 1 for 2, J. Lopez(Dominican Republic) 2 for 3 w/ 2 RBI

Boys and Girls of Pawtucket RBI   0-12  Houston Astros RBI

Notable performances: M. Rodgriquez(Houston) 2 for 3 w/ 4 RBI, J. Coleman III(Pawtucket) 1 for 2

 Nobu Yamauchi RBI  3-1  Atlanta Metro RBI

Notable performances: L. Respicio(Nobu) 2 for 4 w/ 1 RBI, M. Austin(Atlanta) 1 for 3

 Nobu Yamauchi RBI  15-10  Boys and Girls of Pawtucket RBI

Notable performances: J. Igawa(Nobu) 3 for 4 w/ 3 RBI, I. Rivera-Lopez(Pawtucket) 3 for 4 w/ 2 RBI

Dominican Republic South RBI  2-8  Harrisburg RBI

Notable performances: S. Garcia(Dominican Republic) 1 for 3 w/ 2 RBI, J. Brubaker(Harrisburg) 2 for 2

Passaic RBI  1-12  Houston Astros RBI

Notable performances: N. Rijio(Passaic) 1 for 3, M. Campbell(Houston) 2 for 3 w/ 2 RBI

Baltimore RBI  5-8  Chicago White Sox RBI

Notable performances: M. Brichfield(Baltimore) 1 for 3 w/ 1 RBI, R. Nelson(Chicago) 2 for 3 w/ 2 RBI

Arizona RBI  15-0  Chattanooga RBI

Notable performances: C. Oritz(Arizona) 2 for 3 w/ 2 RBI, C. Starks(Chattanooga) 1 for 2

Dominican Republic North RBI  10-4  Detroit PAL RBI

Notable performances: G. Valera(Dominican Republic) 3 for 4 w/ 4 RBI, T. Mustapha(Detroit) 2 for 3

Cincinnati Reds RBI  2-5  Milwaukee Brewers RBI

Notable performances: R. Barnes(Cincinnati) 1 for 2, S. Pinales(Milwaukee) 2 for 2 w / 2 RBI

Atlanta Metro RBI  3-4  Houston Astros RBI

Notable performances: H. Todd(Atlanta) 3 for 4, R. Menefee(Huston) 1 for 2 w/ 1 RBI

Day 1 Scores and Stats

Houston Astros RBI  2-1  Arizona RBI

Notable performances: L. Byron(Houston) 3 for 3, G. Cervantes(Arizona) 2 for 3 w/ 1 RBI

Boys and Girls of Pawtucket RBI   1-11  Atlanta Metro RBI

Notable performances: G. Canales(Pawtucket) 2 for 1 w/ 1 RBI, I. Martin(Atlanta) 3 for 4 w/ 4 RBI, T. Bradley(Atlanta) 2 for 3 w/ 3 RBI

 Detroit PAL RBI  4-3  Baltimore RBI

Notable performances:R. Nichols(Detroit) 2 for 3 w/ 1 RBI, D. Gorsuch(Baltimore) 1 for 2 w/ 1 RBI

Passaic RBI  4-3  Chattanooga RBI

Notable performances: C. Martinez(Passaic) 2 for 3 w/ 1 RBI, M. Oxford(Chattanooga) 1 for 2 w/ 2 RBI

Cincinnati Reds RBI  4-7  Harrisburg RBI

Notable performances: R. Barnes(Cincinnati) 2 for 3 w/ 1 RBI, M.Geesaman(Harrisburg) 1 for 1 w/ 2 RBI

Chattanooga RBI  8-3  Houston Astros RBI

Notable performances: C. Hughes(Chattanooga) 2 for 3 w/ 2 RBI, K. Roque(Houston) 1 for 2 w/ 2 RBI

Houston Astros RBI  0-2  Nobu Yamauchi RBI

Notable performances: J. Deese(Houston) 1 for 3, R. Ragual 1 for 2 w/ 1 RBI

Arizona RBI  9-11  Passaic RBI

Notable performances: C. Ortiz(Arizona) 2 for 3 w/ RBI, V. Rodriquez 3 for 4 w/ 1 RBI




Workout Day

RBI World Series: Post #3 (8/5/16)

Yesterday players participated in a workout day where they could showcase their skills. There are some seriously good ball players out here!

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Community Service Day

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Good Eats: Cincinnati Edition

From goetta to Skyline Chili, Cincinnati certainly has its staples in terms of food to eat. My goal with this blog post is that I leave your mouths watering and your stomach growling, and a some solutions to fix that problem too.

Close to Urban Youth Academy:


Cincinnati’s best burger is a highly debated topic and has no doubt ended up in shouting matches with seemingly no conclusion. At the Urban Youth Academy we are fortunate enough to be located near some of the best in the city.

Gordo’s Pub and Grill (4328 Montgomery Rd)

I will start with what I believe is the best burger place in Cincinnati in Gordo’s Pub. Located less than 10 minutes from the academy Gordo’s is in an old brick building across from the Norwood library. Owner and head chef


Gordo’s Pub and Grill

Raymond Gordo, originally from Norwood, left the states to study culinary arts with the goal of one day returning to his hometown to open a restaurant. Specializing in gourmet burgers such as a surf n turf burger or my personal favorite, the Jean Robert (a burger topped with grape compote and goat cheese), there really is no way you can go wrong. Try the fried jalepeno poppers!

Quatman Cafe (2434 Quantman Ave.)

For all you purists out there Quatman Cafe is the place for you. Until about recently you had two op


Quatman Cafe

tions for toppings at Quatman Cafe; Onion and Pickles. Quatman Cafe prides itself on a traditional burger where the meat is the star.
Another fantastic place less than 5 minutes away from the Urban Youth Academy.

Arthur’s (3516 Edwards Rd.) /Zips (1036 Delta Ave.)

Arthur’s and Zips are a little further out but certainly worth the trip. Arthur’s is located in Hyde Park about a 10



minute drive South bound on I-71. Eat at Arthur’s on a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday for “Burger Madness” and all toppings are FREE!


Zips Cafe

Zips is located in Mt. Lookout just east of Hyde Park. A small place with great chili and even better burgers, Zips
is certainly one of the best. Try the burger with kielbasa on it!

Pleasant Ridge Chili (6032 Montgomery Rd.)

When thinking of Cincinnati food, chili usually comes to mind. Cincinnati Chili is unique in that it primarily acts as


Pleasant Ridge Chili

a topping so do not be alarmed if you order and it looks a little different than you may have expected. Although PRC has fantastic chili, as well as many other deli type foods, the gravy cheese fries are in my opinion the staple of the joint. Open until 4:30 every day of the week, PRC is located 5 minutes east of the academy in, you guessed it, Pleasant Ridge.

Betta’s Italian Oven (3764 Montgomery Rd.)

A small Italian kitchen located just across the street from Xavier University often gets ranked as one of the best


Betta’s Italian Oven

pizza joints in the city. They have great Italian sausage sandwiches, pasta, and a dynamite Diavlo pizza (pepperoni and sausage with spicy sauce).


The Echo (3510 Edwards Rd.)

Think of  the “Restaurant” in Seinfeld but in the quiet of


The Echo

the suburbs. The Echo is a classic diner with diner food as well as some extreme creations like poutine with goetta (if you haven’t had it, try it) and banana peppers, or a fried chicken and waffle sandwich.

Bluebird Restaurant (4629 Montgomery Rd.)

A small diner located just down the street from the academy, Bluebird is cheap and delicious. Be sure to try a Bird’s Nest or if you are hungry grab yourself the bigger


Bluebird Restaurant

version, the Eagle’s Nest. Both are off menu items so only frequent visitors know they exist. Both consist of a bed of hashbrowns with your choice of meat, eggs(your style) and gravy.

Downtown Cincinnati Restaurants

Bakersfield- Tacos (1213 Vine St.)

The Eagle- Fried Chicken (1342 Vine St.)

Kreuger’s Bar and Grill- Burgers (1211 Vine St)

A Tavola- Pizza (1220 Vine St)

Near Great American Ballpark

The Holy Grail- Bar and Grill (161 Joe Nuxhall Way)

Moerlein Lager House- Restaurant and Brewery (115 Joe Nuxhall Way)

Jefferson Social- Tacos (101 E Freedom Way)

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse- $$$$ (100 E Freedom Way)